Obviously, the question of the best country radio music today is going to be subjective. People will all have their favorite country music stars. However, there are some country music stars in the modern world that have clearly achieved a great deal of disproportionate success. Many people would say that they're some of the best country music stars ever, or at least the best country music stars that people are likely to hear on the radio these days.

The line between different musical genres has blurred in recent years. Many artists are influenced by several genres at once. Plenty of the most popular country songs of today are heavily influenced by pop music. Some people might try to draw a distinction between country music and country pop music. While fans of any genre will argue about the boundaries as a matter of course, certain popular artists will be identified with certain popular and niche genres.

Jon Pardi

Most country music fans will list some of Jon Pardi's greatest hits when they're discussing the best country music songs of today. His recent song Dirt On My Boots is everywhere today. People like the song for its authenticity and the down-to-earth imagery. Jon Pardi has the kind of image that a lot of country music fans like. His interest in music that's bold and boisterous and has what many people would consider to be a distinctly masculine vibe meshes well with the tastes of country music lovers. Dirt On My Boots is the quintessential Jon Pardi song.

Lauren Alaina

One of the most popular female country music stars on the scene today is Lauren Alaina. She's definitely what people would consider to be a rising talent. Her song Road Less Traveled is one of the biggest modern hits in the genre. Many women in country music have a tendency to sing about past struggles and difficulties. Lauren Alaina has had some difficult times in her very short life, particularly with regards to her struggles with eating disorders. Like many singers, she has managed to turn those difficulties into art directly and indirectly. People who listen to Road Less Traveled will be able to get a sense of that for themselves.

Michael Ray

Michael Ray is another rising star in the world of country music. His songs appear to have a stronger degree of staying power than some. His popular song Think a Little Less was released in 2015, and it's still topping the country music charts. He doesn't appear to be on the verge of becoming one of the country musicians who has a brief hit that fades away, which is less common in country music than it is in other genres anyway.

His other popular songs from the same year include Real Men Love Jesus and Kiss You in the Morning. Michael Ray helps emphasize the raw emotional feeling that a lot of people want from country music. He also injects his songs with more religiosity than most, but with the same macho fervor that many country music fans prefer.